Welcome to North Mountain Family Medicine

Dr. Erbstoesser decided several years ago that he wanted to restore the art of Personalized Care that was commonly found in past Medical Practices but is missing in today’s Healthcare System. This is a challenge for most physicians, who are expected to see 30-40 patients a day, coordinate care and still provide personal care.  Dr. Erbstoesser desires a different approach for his patients.   He has reduced the number of patients that he will see each day in his practice, allowing him time to be personally involved with their healthcare.  His goal is to keep them health, happy and capable of living active lives. He has developed a Medical Home Environment, where his patients can feel confident that their healthcare is priority and valued by a caring physician and staff.

Personalized Healthcare has come to be known as Concierge Medicine.  Here at North Mountain Family Medicine our team is dedicated to give you the highest level of primary care by a Top Physician and team who have the expertise to address complex medical issues, in a real and personalized way with each patient.  Our team works together to provide not only exceptional medical care, but we are committed to helping you coordinate care with specialists, and promptly take care of your needs.  Our focus is to help you become healthy and active.  Our team will also assist you with Insurance issues or questions.

What can you expect?

Personal Extensive Yearly Wellness Physical

An Annual Physical that is comprehensive and individually designed for each patient’s needs.  The examination includes an extended Physical and Wellness Assessment. At this visit you will go over results on cardiopulmonary testing body composition and nutrition from results of extensive laboratory testing. You will also be tested for hearing, vision and pulmonary functions.  This extensive visit identifies each patient’s health issues and needs, allowing Dr. Erbstoesser to create a personalized plan for improving overall wellness.

Preventive Resources

Listening to our patient’s gives us an understanding about how we can help them maintain an active healthy lifestyle.  As a member of our practice you will receive assistance with exercise therapy, nutrition, weight management, stress management and dealing with changes in life. Having a close relationship with our patients allows us to focus on personal needs, which helps to reduce health issues they may experience now or later in their life.

Rapid Response

There are many health issues that cannot be anticipated daily.  At North Mountain Family Medicine, we offer same day appointments.  We have onsite Lab and X-ray access to help promptly evaluate your condition. Being able to see your personal provider when you are ill or injured, is less time consuming than going to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Our patient advocates assist you in scheduling referrals to specialists, refill medications and authorize services required by your insurance company.

Personalized Care

Our mission is to provide our patients with Exceptional Care the moment they walk into our office. We build trusting relationships with our patients, knowing that together we are working toward goals that will benefit their lives daily.