Who Joins a Concierge Practice?

This style of practice is perfect for patients who are looking for a High Level of Personalized Care with services that are not offered in traditional medical practices.  Patients with chronic medical conditions who see several specialists and need more help with coordinating their care should consider joining.  Busy people join for the convenience that membership offers, like appointments that start on time, no limit to the number of questions you can ask, telemedicine and quick responses from patient care specialists.

What will I receive in my membership?

  •  Annual Wellness Physical that is comprehensive with extended testing.
  • Personalized Wellness coaching with support for all areas in your life
  • Same Day appointments for urgent care or concerns
  • Relaxed and unhurried office visits
  • Personalized Care 24/7 by phone or email with your provider
  • Coordination of care with specialists

Why is having a Personal connection with my physician so important?

Your health is vital to being productive, happy and living a full life.  When things just don’t seem right with your health there is no substitution for having a personal physician who truly knows you.

In today’s medical community it is hard to find a provider that knows and cares about you personally.  When your life gets complicated and you find yourself trying to coordinate care yourself, it is easy to become frustrated.  Knowing your physician will be there for you and understands you personally gives you peace of mind.

Even if you are in good health a Concierge membership can benefit you greatly.  Along with the emphasis on Preventative and Wellness care, you will develop a relationship with your physician that is vital in the coming years.

How Can I Become a Patient?

Contact our office to set up an appointment at no charge to meet our providers and understand our practice.  When you see the value this style of practice offers, our Patient Care Specialists will assist you on beginning your journey to a Personalized Healthcare Program.

Am I too Young to Join?

Patients of all ages can benefit from a Concierge Practice.

How much is the fee?

We have an annual membership fee that can be paid Annually, Semi-Annually or Quarterly.  Please contact our office for pricing.

Can I cancel my membership?

Our patients sign an annual membership agreement, which can be cancelled at any time.  Refunds are determined by the status of your Annual Physical and Wellness program.

Do you bill my insurance?

Sick visits and minor procedures are billed separately from your Concierge Fee.  We are contracted with several insurance companies and will bill them for these services.  If you do not have insurance we have a very conservative cash price for care.

What insurances companies do you accept?

Insurance taken:

  • AARP
  • Aetna
  • Champus
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Rail Road Medicare
  • United Health Care
  • Workers Compensation

**Other Insurances not listed, contact the office for information

**Self-Pay Pricing Available

 What types of payments are accepted?

Form of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • American Express
  • Mastercard/Visa


More Questions? Call Us Today: 602-246-0351